Squirrel in the Basement; Buddha at my Door

When a squirrel took residence in the basement, I found Mr. Theo online–“City Pest Control. His website proclaimed:  “Guaranteed Results”.

Mr. Theo arrived late, set live traps and captured the intruder. As he finished his work and walked to his truck, he stopped and turned toward me. Both eyes fixed on mine. His voice quiet. 

“Mr. Smith”  he whispered. “I want to tell you something.”

“Sure” I replied.

“I meditate.”

“Twenty years ago, my doctor sent me home to die. I had liver problems. I couldn’t have any of that! So, I told my family, I was going to do a little experiment. I started meditating. 

Mr. Theo continued…

“You know, Mr. Smith, it helps when you sit up straight. Posture is important. I tell my grandkids that.”

“Believing it will make a difference is key. Do it like your life depends on it.”

“We are all messed up. It don’t matter if you are employed or unemployed; rich or poor. What matters is what’s happening right here. (Here, Mr. Theo pointed to his head.)

Squirrel in the basement: Buddha at my door!

Guaranteed Results!    Indeed.